What tent size will I require?

The size of the tent depends on number of guests you're hosting. There are tents for small, medium sized, and large groups. Typically, a 400 sq ft (20ft × 20ft) tent can comfortably accommodate 40 people seated. While a 20ft × 30ft tent accommodates 60 people. If you've an estimate number of guests we'll help you get the suitable tent size.

What tent size do I need for 150 guests party?
A tent measuring 30ft × 60ft can accommodate 225 people seated in a theater design, 144 guests at round tables each having 8 persons, or seat 180 in cafeteria seating design.
How much does it cost to rent a tent?
The rental costs for a tent depends on the size, quality, type, etc. Renting a tent structure can cost anywhere from $500 for the smallest tent size to $5,000+ for bigger and luxury tent units.
What's a tent liner?
Tent liner is the soft fabric material that's normally placed along the tent ceiling and the on the framework. With good color choices, the lining offers great elegance and beautiful look.
What's the meaning of a 3 season tent?
This refers to a tent that's specifically designed to withstand weather conditions experienced in summer, fall, or spring. It protects against strong winds, rain, and offers good ventilation during summer.
How can I contact you in case of an emergency during my event?
We offer 24/7 emergency service response to our customers. In case of any emergency related to the event kindly call us. Our skilled staff will offer you the necessary support.
How do I reserve a tent?
We recommend that you do your booking in advance to help us plan well ahead of your event. Reservations can be done by placing an official order and making a deposit. Call us and we'll help you through the reservation process.

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